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There are a ton of things that our handymen at Handyman Pro of Tallahassee can do for you, help with your installation needs and repair needs. Give us a call for practically anything that needs to be done around your home. When you are having any renovations or remodeling work done, we can also assist with your service needs. Relying on a handyman is often less expensive than hiring a contractor for a specific job. We are a jack-of-all-trades, which means that we can do a lot more than most contractors who specialize in one area. As professional handymen, we work hard to ensure the clients of our ability to effectively address their many service needs. Regardless of how much work has to be done, make us your one-stop for all of your home service needs.

About Us

Starting our business more than a decade ago has proven very effective for us and our customers. We care about the quality of service that we offer to those who rely on us for their service needs. Since we have hired the most experienced handymen in Tallahassee, Florida to care for the needs of our customers, you are sure to receive the best quality of services possible. We make sure that our handymen are vetted and proven efficient in their duties. There are a lot of people who turn to us because they know that they won’t find anyone who offers such affordable services as we will. It is also why our services are also the preferred handyman services in the city.

Our Services

With the vast array of home installation and repair services that we offer, you’re sure to find all that you want and need when you rely on us. So far, there hasn’t been anything that our experienced handymen are not capable of doing. Whether you’re looking for someone to fix, paint, sand, wash, install or build something, we can do it for you. We have vetted our handymen and because of doing so, we know what their skills are. Therefore, we know what type of services we can offer.


If you’re having a bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen renovation done, and you need something installed, allow us to do it for you. There are things that you may think that you can easily handle, but to ensure that you will not have to turn around and have the job done over again, hire us and get the job done right the first time. We can install anything that you need to have installed.


We have qualified bathroom contractors who can offer you the best handyman solutions possible. If there are repairs that need to be made, our handymen are the ones who can handle it for you. They have the proven skills and qualifications needed. When we repair something, it lasts. That is why so many rely on us for their home repair needs.


Are you thinking about having kitchen renovations made, this may require the installation of new kitchen cabinets, flooring, or countertops. Rather than hiring a company to perform the work for you, why not rely on our team of experienced handymen to perform the job for you. Every job is thoroughly performed to your total satisfaction. We can assure you of this because, after every job, it receives our quality assurance.


Many people would say that the one room that they would like to have remodeled is their bathroom. It is also one of the rooms in the home that is utilized most often. If you require any type of services in your bathroom, such as painting, tile work, cabinet installation, or anything else, we can provide it to you at Handyman Pro of Tallahassee. We can even assist with your design needs.


Our experienced handymen have experience with bedroom repairs. We can make repairs to your dresser, windows, shades, or anything else in your bedroom. Even if you need us to install these things for you, we can also install these things in your bedroom. Make sure you know exactly who you’ll call on for any of your installation and repair needs in Tallahassee. We act quickly to address your needs


Are you looking for a handyman service to handle your garage install? You have come to the right place, as we have the experience needed to effectively install your garage. Make sure you give us a call first and we’ll have your new garage up in a single day. We are also available to perform any other type of work in your garage, painting, flooring, insulation, or anything else that you require. Call our associates for a consultation today.

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There are plenty of handymen in and around Tallahassee, but none of them are as reputable as we are at Handyman Pro of Tallahassee. When you contact us, you will reach a real person. We want your business, and we demonstrate this by offering you help in hurry. We value your business and that is why you can always depend on us to provide you with the help you need.

“There were a lot of things that my father used to do for me, however, he can no longer do them, I rely on Handyman Pro of Tallahassee to do it for me. These guys are trustworthy and dependable, which is why I have decided to use their services and recommend that you do the same.” – Kimberly J.

“I can honestly say that there is no better service to hire when you need anything done around your place that you can’t do yourself, than Handyman Pro of Tallahassee. They don’t just offer the best services, they offer the most affordable services, which is why I highly recommend their services.” – Paul R.

“After purchasing our new home, there was a lot of work that had to be done that we couldn’t do ourselves. Instead of just leaving things to chance, we decided to hire Handyman Pro of Tallahassee. They are the best!” – Gary S.